Is your Web designer applying best SEO practices to your site?

It’s a common question, and one that can often be answered with a no. The reason? Designers are designers. They design. They make web sites look great. However not many designers either want to understand Search Engine Optimisation or don’t have the time to go out and learn about it.
Before you set out with your new web site build why not consider asking your web designer a few questions regarding SEO. Do they have a good understanding of whats required from a design front in terms of accessibility, use of heading tags, ALT text on images, keyword usage in emphasised styles such as Bold, Strong and Italics?
If the answer is no then you should consider either a) Looking for a designer that does understand SEO or b) Looking for a consultant to help create solid SEO foundations for your new web site. A good Tenerife SEO I once know would always tell this to me again and again.


In the long term it could work out more cost effective and financially rewarding if you invest in getting your site right from the outset. Although, in more cases than not, SEO is an ongoing project it saves a lot of time and money if you can lay down the foundations whilst the site is being built.
If you are looking for assistance with your SEO, a consultant to help with your new web design or a full SEO campaign then why not get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and help you on your way up to the top of the Search Engines.

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