Universal business listing

Universal Business Listing

Unlock the secret to visibility on Search Engines and Online Directories
List Once, Be Found Everywhere! Only $30 A Year.

Need to have their business information placed into the industry-leading infoUSA Express Update service – included FREE!
Want an easy way to manage all of their listings
Need to have mobile phones listed in local and national 411 Directory Assistance
Don’t want to spend all of their time registering their info with Search Engines, Portals, Online Yellow Pages, Navigation Systems and Directories
Want the best possible exposure for all of their public information and contact points at an affordable price

No tricks or risky practices – you can now use the official system they use to identify and display your business information.
At UniversalBusinessListing.org you create a detailed Directory listing once, and it gets distributed to ALL the major web search sites.

Directories Include:

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN
Online Yellow Pages such as Superpages, Yellowpages.com
Portals and Guides such as AOL, CitySearch
Cell Phones and Mobile devices such as BlackBerry and iPhone
411 Directory Assistance
In-Car GPS Navigation
Telematics such as OnStar
All listings now include free infoUSA Express submission – rapid entry into the search sites from their most trusted data source. Thanks to our partnership with infoUSA you can sign up for this powerful service right here.

In addition, you will now receive a bonus WebCard! A dedicated page displaying all your most important business information including logos, photos, contacts and full description of your services. Ideal if your business does not have a Website. Free updates anytime.

UBL makes it simple and inexpensive for your business to be listed everywhere accurately, clearly and with all the details that are important to you and your customers. So get started today and increase your company’s search results everywhere!

UBL is not a marketing company looking to sell you other Web promotion services. It is an established industry tool, working with leading Search and Directory players to ensure the accuracy of YOUR listing. UBL is an active member of official industry associations such as the Yellow Pages Association, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization and Association of Directory Marketing.

Registration for an account with Universal Business Listing is absolutely free. Once you are registered, you can start entering your business information right away. You may choose which business listings to enter into the submission process at any time. Once you are ready to have a business placed into dozens of search engines, navigation systems and 411 databases via our partnerships with infoUSA and other leading providers, simply pay a very small $30 listing fee.

Your listing will receive unprecedented exposure at a fraction of the cost other services. We are the only ones that can place your business listing in local and national 411 databases, and we are a preferred provider of the infoUSA Express Update service.

Don’t delay – register for FREE today!

You have questions? We have answers…
UniversalBusinessListing.org is a Directory Industry service that allows businesses to post their business listing once and have it posted to all major Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, 411 Directories and other vertical industry Directories. The Universal Business Listings are a service of Name Dynamics, LLC.

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